The Award

The Dawn Slade-Faull Award aims to empower South Australian artists with disability who are early career and/or wish to use the Award as an opportunity to move their practice into new and challenging directions. The Award provides financial support and encouragement to help the artists realise their potential in their chosen medium. The Award aims to be flexible and respond to the changing needs of artists and the community.

The Winner of the 2023 Dawn Slade-Faull Award is Steph Fuller and Steph’s work can be viewed here.  The Trustees also Highly Commended the work of Michael Tye and Jessica Menzies. Michael’s work can be viewed here, and Jessica’s work can be viewed here.

The Trustees of the Award are excited to announce DAWN, a group exhibition of the recent work of four previous winners of the Award: Steph Fuller, Edwin Harris-Faull, Jackie Saunders and Linda Puna. See the DAWN 2024 page for more about the exhibition.

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